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Southern Smokers

Clutton, Bristol, Bath And North East Somerset, England, United Kingdom

07591 527267 - Claire 07831 949292 - Rob

About Us

Who are we?

Southern Smokers

Robin and Claire Dacey are the folks behind Smoke Catering, one of the pioneering smoke BBQ catering company’s in the UK.  We trained with one of Texas's top Pitmasters 5 years ago and brought home our beautiful custom 12ft Texas wood-burning smoker. We've been BBQ 'ing with our smoker in the UK ever since.

After years of smoking for events ranging from parties & festivals to full course weddings and prestigious events for some of the greatest chefs in the country, literally hundreds and hundreds of foodies asked us where they can find an honest wood-burning Texas style smoker - only 4 foot instead of a 12 footer!

So, 18 months ago we set out to design and create our own 100% Texas Style off-set smoker. The methodical engineering involved in designing, building, tweaking and re-tweaking would drive most people crazy.  But we love what we’ve created and the proof is in the cooking and tasting.  

Our rugged heavy-duty steel wood-burning smokers are built to last. Our off-set design and perfectly proportioned firebox means it maintains a steady temperature delivering an even-flow of smoke that cooks meats, fish and veg to their  mouth-watering smoked deliciousness.

The Smoker and You

We live and breathe smoked BBQ and this is our way to offer our hard fought experience and knowledge to the  aspiring pit-masters out there.. So, whether you’re a budding BBQ expert, chef or restaurant owner looking to add versatility to your menu and create exciting theatre, we have built this for you to take your love of BBQ to the next level.


What can I smoke?

A good question! The answer is.. there are no limits! You can smoke just about any thing!

We are always finding new foods ourselves which adds to the excitement, from steaks small and large to birds, fish, game and belly’s, shoulders and collars! Not forgetting the true Texan BBQ cuts - Briskets, Pork butts and whole Chickens AND vegetables, even smoked mash potatoes…what? …..yup killer combo! and then widely wonderful smoked beans and chilli’s! Perfect for vegetarians or meat eaters alike.


The wood logs.

Kiln dried, seasoned logs are readily available and what we use in our off-set smoker. Wood-burning fires create a clear smoke with unique properties that break down fats and fully penetrate food for an incredible flavour experience that commonly known pellets simply can't deliver. With the indirect heat of an off-set firebox you are able to cook slow and gently deliver the incredible flavour of real smoked food.

Cooking on a Southern Smoker transports you into the experience of an outdoor campfire - wood, heat and smoke. 

The more you cook, the more the smoker seasons itself, becoming more and more giving with every cook. you learn quickly adding more and more to your own confidence and technique and you will find as we have that.. time with a smoker is like time with an old friend, remember, many a BBQ pitman has had a smoker their entire adult life, longer than favourite cars and even pets… so when choosing such an important addition to your lifestyle activity’s or passion or business, choose a Smoker that is durable, functional and straight up cool, so much that you can’t stop sharing with others. We know you'll find our ‘Southern’ smoker is that very thing.


Where do I start?

It starts with a few bags of wood and some kindling. You can follow our easy step Video guide on our website on how to start your fire ifand if you would like further assistance just give us a call at 07831949292. We here to help and guide you through this journey! And yes we LOVE to talk about smokers so don’t be shy!